Thursday, September 5, 2013

email from september 2

 Nothing really crazy happened this last week. Oh Æ. Petersen and I had that meeting with the stake presidency which we rocked! We pretty much had to present some numbers of how the mission is doing. The presidency was way impressed with us. Æ. petersen and i had never been to one of these meetings so we really didnt know what to expect but in the end they told us that they are excited to Work together with us. Great meeting. I went on splits with some missionaries, went great. Tuesday we have our zone training and it is going to be AWESOME! Its all prepared and everything! The focus is "Finding through faith and obedience" Its going to be so good! Æ. Petersen, another sister and myself have a some good ideas that i know will motivate all the missionaries! =)
We had some good eating appointments this last week. One of the families currently has a son serving in the Alpine mission, way cool Family. As soon as we got i hit it off with the dad who actually reminds me a lot of Dad and grandpa because they have the same sense of humor. haha The parents were drilling me with questions to get to know me and were like " whats your girl situation like?" " Do you have a girlfriend?" Im just like " ummm no " They were like " GOOOD! You have to meet our daughter! " Such a cool Family. I am stoked to get to know them better. After the wife gave us a ride home in the husbands brand new BMW and she was going like 80kph on the public roads! CRAZY! there was another man in the car dont worry, we were not breaking the rules! :)
Church starts at 2 now. I bore my testimony and introduced myself because the bishop didnt introduce myself and another missionary who was new also. Good meeting. Umm yeah thats about my week. Its getting colder now and way rainy! =( well thanks for everything! Love you!
Æ. Wible
Oh yeah. Each Pday goes something like this... Basketball, Dominoes, Email, Chill, back to Work at 6.... =) 

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