Thursday, September 5, 2013

email from august 26

Dear Family!
 Well this last week was great! Æ. Petersen and I get along great and Work well together. We had a couple dinner appointments with some members this last week which were so much fun! We had one with the Arce Family and during the appointment the dad is like hey come down stairs i need some help getting chairs.... So myself and some of the other missionaries walked down with him and in the process of getting some chairs he showed us their music room. I walk in and he has like 4 guitars, a drum set and all these other instruments. He was like " does anyone play drums.. ? " I jumped forward and was like " yeah i sure do! " So he threw me the drum Sticks and commanded me to play! haha So i started playing and he was super impressed so he put on some music for me to jam too. It was way fun, everyone was impressed. haha So that was my first impression with that Family, they love me now. haha Saturday we went to a fireside which was amazing! Guess who it was?! Michael Ballum! It was like a musical fireside and guess who else sang, Thomas Kofod who played Jesus in many of the church films, he lives here in Copenhagen, amazing guy. So that was a good evening. Oh there was also this girl that i guess knows Talia and Alexa who was at the fireside, way crazy. I was chillin and all of a sudden i hear " MACK, Are you Mack? " I was so confused because i have never heard like anyone call me Mack in Denmark and to this day cant firgure out how she even knew my name! But yeah she was way cool, her name was Janna.
The Work is pretty tough here, i think missionary Work gets harder and harder the closer you get to Copenhagen. We have one positive investigator we currently are teaching but no one else. We have a ton of less actives in the area but they have all been contacted by previous missionaries and they just get annoyed when we try to stop by. Way cool area though, i love it here. I think i told you but we live in a city named Ordrup which is the richest city in all of Denmark. Once again i wish i had some some cool miracle stories but nothing too exciting has happened lately. It was fun to meet Michael Ballum though, i was able to talk with him for a Little bit and he really is an amazing man. well that's all i got for today. We have a crazy week this NeXT week. Myself and Æ. Petersen have to meet with Stake Presidency to talk about the missionary Work here in Denmark and how its going. Kinda nervous, oh well! =) Have a good week! Love you all !
Æ. Wible


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