Thursday, September 5, 2013

email from august 5

This last week was amazing. We had an eating appointment every night so we had several chances to get to know the members a little better. Wednesday's eating appointment was amazing! We ate with an amazing member family who has a less active daughter  and a less active return missionary and then one of there sons actually invited another less active return missionary over to eat so it was an amazing opportunity to get to know these less active members. We talked a lot about missions and i asked the two return missionaries about their mission and about the success that they had. We then shared a great spiritual thought and the spirit was so strong, anyone could have felt it. Great evening!

When we first got to Slagelse i talked to our elders quorum president to see if he had any referrals for us. He referred us to a 24 year old girl named Natascha. So right away i called her and she seemed very excited to talk to us but she told me she was going on vacation for a couple weeks and that she would call us when she gets back. So for the past couple weeks i have been talking to our elders quorum president about Natascha and he said last Friday that she is back from vacation and plans on coming to church on Sunday. So on Sunday sure enough Natascha came to Sacrament meeting as well as guest class! I was able to talk with her quite a bit the whole day and before i could ask her when we could met, she beat me to it and said " Hey when can we meet again? I have another friend who wants to meet with your guys as well! " Come to find out she actually is dating our elders quorum president and he has pretty much taught her everything about the church already so she is ready to be baptized! I can see her getting baptized here in Slagelse within the next month or two! What a miracle! Actually just got a text from her right now asking if we could meet with her and her friend on Thursday! =)

Those were the highlights of the week! =) Transfer news comes out soon and i am quite certain i am leaving. =( Gosh i have been moving around so much lately! Right when i get super close to the ward i get moved! Slagelse wont be the same without me!

 hahahah So Thursday evening we drove by the American Football Field and i saw some guys practicing so i lean over the Æ. Jensen and was like " Sorry we are going to go play some football right now... " So we changed and walked over to the field and just sat down and watched for a little bit, they were okay, there were only like 6 practicing plus their coaches. So i walk over to the coach and am just like " hey can i borrow a football?" he looked at me weird and was like " ummm yeahhhh i guess... " he reached down into his bag of footballs and grabs the pop warner size football thinking that i had never thrown a football in my life! hahaha I look at him and was like " Can i borrow a regular sized football?" hahah so Æ. Jensen and i started playing catch at the other end of the field, he was QB and i was receiver. For like 30 minutes we did all these plays and i could see the coaches just eyeing me the whole time. haha So after 30 minutes i walk over to the coaches and was like thanks for the ball, threw it to them and then started to walk away and then one of the coaches was like " how old are you?? " I said " 20 " he said " You coming next week?  i said " yeah i am down but i wont practice with pads on, i cant hurt myself " he laughed and said " Well with your build the only people that will be getting hurt will be my players. " I said " Then you wont see me here next week... " He said " No you are coming! And you are going to practice with us!" I said " okay we will see... " So we talked for a little while and i told him where i was from and why i was here, by this point the 6 other players and the coaches were listening. I told him that Æ. Jensen and I were missionaries and all this stuff and then as we were leaving the coached yelled to me and said " SEE YOU ON TUESDAY! 7PM! " So for the past couple days i have been thinking about what we could do with football team filled with teens. haha I made some calls and got permission for 4 other elders to come to Slagelse Tuesday evening to play football against the Slagelse Gladiators, two hand touch, dont worry! hahahahah I AM SOOO STOKED! The 4 missionaries that are coming are Gifford, ( Who is jacked and played safety back in High school) Christensen (Who is 6'3" and can catch anything thrown to him) Sorensen ( Who was 2010 Gadorade Athlete of Utah, he has a scholarship for track at BYU and his dream is to play QB for BYU, there isnt a QB better than him in Denmark) Mortensen ( way athletic ) Me ( ... no comment =) ) Jensen ( He can catch and throw as well ) So yeah we are stacked!! hahah We are all so excited! The coaches are going to be so surprised with the skill that we all have. 

Well nothing else new. That's about my week in a nut shell. OH! One more thing... So we had to switch apartments with the sisters because they were creeped out by some guy that lived near them... ugh i am so bugged! We had such a nice setup at our last place, we had a washer too! We were right across the street from a park and the football field! I think the sisters just over exaggerated the issue just so they could have our apartment! They have always been jealous of our apartment. yeah so now we live in a way small apartment surrounded by foreigners... oh and its like a 20 minute walk from the center of the city. Our previous apartment was a 2 minute walk! yeah so now we have to pay 10 bucks a week to wash our clothes! 

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