Thursday, September 5, 2013

email from august 12


Well first of all... I AM LEAVING SLAGELSE! Its a bittersweet feeling but whatever. Right when the members start loving me i have to leave! Well... after being District Leader for the last 8 months, its time for me to step it up a notch and go Zone Leader... I am headed to Copenhagen with Æ. Petersen! We are going to have a blast! He is from Idaho Falls. He goes home in December so he isnt green at all! haha We will actually be living in Ordrup which is like the richest area in Denmark. So yeah that will happen on Wednesday... =)

Fantastic week! We had a great appointment with Natascha and her friend Stine! They were so excited to meet with us! We kinda broke the ice at first and got to know each other and then i asked them what they expected from us. Natascha said that she wanted to be able to understand the Book of Mormon better. (both of them already know quite a bit about the church) So from that we decided to focus our lesson on the scriptures. We read with them Alma 32 and it was amazing! We a great member present who was able to bare testimony on the Book of Mormon and share how we can apply the scriptures to our daily lives. Both of them really enjoyed the chapter and before we could ask them when we could meet again, they asked when we could come back! I told them i most likely will be leaving on Wednesday so they were super sad and said that we could meet again on Tuesday and that they would feed us dinner. We have our elders quorum president coming to the appointment tomorrow so it will be amazing! I am super bummed though because these girls didnt want me to leave! They are 22 and 23. I wanted to teach them soo bad! I text Natascha and told her i was leaving the other day and she said that she prayed to god that i would stay! haha Well i hope i meet some cool girls to teach in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a tough area, that is where the real culture is. I could actually be there until i go home, we will see. Anyways... 

Nothing else new. We had a lot of great appointments with some members this last week where we were able to feel the spirit. I am really going to miss slagelse. There is something truly special about this area and ward. I cant imagine serving in a more loving and missionary minded ward the rest of my mission. Everyone is so loving to each other no matter what language you speak or where you come from. There isn't any groups in the ward, everyone is equal. Yesterday we stopped by some member families to say goodbye. We stopped and ate with the Graabecks, they were the older couple that we lived with  when we first came to slagelse. They are my Danish grandparents. Æ. Jensen and I thanked them many times for letting us live with them. We then stopped by Finn Lykkegaard and his wife who i have grown to love so much! The both of them have such a strong testimony and every time i talk with Finn i just think, man i want to be just like Finn when i get older! He gave me the best advice that i will always remember... "Don’t Lose Faith in What You Know, Because of What You Don’t Know." 

OH! We beat the Slagelse Gladiators in Football! hahaha so much fun! We creamed them! There coach played too and we beat them 6 to 1! hahah so much fun! Nothing really came out of it but now they dont think missionaries are weird i guess.  I am way excited to go zone leader! I really feel like i can motivate the missionaries here. I have a good rep and i think everyone likes me. Well here are some pics!

The first one is me and Finn. I made him put on this egyptian robe for the pic. hahaha
second one is me and Graabecks.

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