Tuesday, November 5, 2013

email from november 4


Great week! Well we started the week with a HUGE wind storm! President asked us to stay in all day monday and wait it out. There were trees everywhere that got destroyed. We just kicked it at the church with the sisters so it was way chill. 

We taught Natascha this last week, she brought her friend Stine and then Stine brought her younger sister along so it was a party lesson! We met at the church so we could show Stine and her sister around the church, Stine hasn't been to church yet. The appointment went great! We talked about our purpose here on earth and about commandments, way good appointment. 

We met with Dee again and that was a great appointment! We talk about our KOR beliefs and about Joseph Smith. Great lesson and in the end we shared a Mormon message which i know touched him deeply. I love Dee to much! He loves his family and would do anything for them to be happy. He hates it here in Denmark and wants to move back to the states so bad but he said he has to wait till his son turns 18. 

Lets see... we found a couple less actives too that we are starting to work with. This next week should be pretty packed. Yeah kind of a lame email... oh we slept outside on our balcony SO MUCH FUN! Æ. Gifford and I enjoyed but everyone else pretty much got frostbite, not really though... ha

When is the roof going on the house?? Æ. Gifford leaves this next week to go back to his area, he is getting another greenie. Æ. Berry and I will continue to be together until the 18th of Dec. He is a great guy, i love him! yeah well nothing else new! Thanks for the package again! I loved it! I think we are going to bake a cake and play some ping pong today for P Day. Love you!

Æ. Wible

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