Tuesday, November 5, 2013

email from september 16

I LOVE GOALS! Goals stretch us and put us in learning situations that allow us to grow!
Great week! We attended a great district meeting this last week. A member came and gave a training on how to work with the Danish people. He talked a lot about goal setting and about how to change our mindsets so that we can have success as missionaries. I thought it was a great training, it definitely inspired me to set better goals and really Work toward them and do the best that i can. If I am doing my best then i cant feel guilty when nothing happens. Great district meeting.
We also had the opportunity to go on splits with the Roskilde elders. I Worked with Æ. Metcalf in Roskilde. We had a great appointment with a less active member and then an appointment with their baptismal date, Charlotte. Charlotte is a very nice lady who has been through  a lot in her life. I am not quite sure she is all the way there but she seemed to understand most of what we taught her. We had a great dinner appointment that night which was AMAZING! It was with a member Family with some wayward kids so Æ. Metcalf and I really had to think hard on how we could share a memorable spiritual thought. We shared a Mormon message about the important Things in life and then asked each person individually what was most important to them in their life and of course everyone said their Family! The spirit was so strong and i know that everyone in the room was touched by the spirit that was present. Get this though... They had a daughter was like 17 and during dinner she was like " yeah i play the drums " So during dinner i told myself that before we leave i had to hear her play the drums. So after dinner i was like " Show me what you can do on the drums!" So we ended up jamming for a Little and then the son WHO is like 16 said he played guitar and i connected really well him as well. Oh yeah and during dinner the mom offered me a job if i ever want to come back to Denmark! hahaha I was just like " Yeah, thanks i will consider it... " but really i was thinking in my mind " I dont have a Desire to ever live longer than 2 years in Europe.. " haha So yeah i really hit it off with the Whole Family and then for Family home evening we taught them how to play spoons and they loved it! The mom told me that i needed to call president and get transferred to their Ward because they thought i was so much fun to be around. haha way fun!
Saturday night we had nothing planned so we thought maybe we could play some bball and hope someone would play with us. We got to the bball Court and there were like 6 teens just chillin in the Court, 4 Guys and 2 girls. So we were just like " uhhhh we are from American, who wants to play some basketball? All the Guys got up but the girls were like " ehhh we suck... " So i was like " come on we will teach you! " and then the girls got way shy and were like " okay " with these huge smiles on their faces. haha So started playing and then i noticed someone had a skateboard so was like " hey can i borrow that skateboard and someones shoes?! " hahah some kid said yeah i was able to impress them on the skateboard. FINALLY someone asks what we were doing in Denmark and i we told them that we were missionaries here to tell them the good news! Nothing came out of it but it was still a good use of our time. I know we touched them in one way or another. Don't worry i didn't touch the girls, although it was very tempting! hahah
I am so grateful for the talents that i have! I have been able to use them so much on my mission and every time i use them people can see how normal we Mormons actually are! Its amazing!
But yeah nothing else new. That's about it. Transfer calls come out this week. I wont be going anywhere but Æ. Petersen may get transferred. Well have a good week! Love you all! =)
Æ. Wible

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