Tuesday, November 5, 2013

email from september 30

Hey Mom!
Way good week! =) Well first of all... I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED AGAIN! We just received 15 visas and those 15 missionaries are coming this Wednesday. Because of the increase in missionaries the mission needs to make another zone so President has asked me to move BACK to Slagelse to open the new zone. So i will continue to be zone leader but in Slagelse. There will be 20 missionaries in my zone so its not too big, not too small. My new companion will be Æ. Berry. He has been in Slagelse for only a week so its a good thing i already know the area. Æ. Berry goes home in February and he is such a stud! He has always been one of my dream companions but we always thought it would never be possible to serve together! So another transfer will take place on torsdag. Well i cant tell you how excited i am to go back to Slagelse! i already have such a good relationship with the ward and i just really was not enjoying this Ward that i am currently in. So yeah now i get to go back and continue to teach Natascha and Stine with a way cool companion!
I am not sure if i told you but as of now my release date is March 14th 2014! Crazy! These last 6 months are going to fly by so fast! 
This last week Æ. Petersen and I along with some other members planned and carried out a Mormon Helping Hands Project. It went way well! We had like 40 members come and 20 missionaries. We went to two different handicap homes and just had fun with these challenged children of God. I was really touched by it and it made me feel really good after.  I thought a lot about Grandpa Wible while i was doing it and how he used to go and entertain those with Alzheimer's. I think it would be really cool to find a place like that in Rexburg and just go have a good time with kids/adults, maybe like twice a month or something. Good day!
I took a lot of Pictures this last week, I will send them to you ! Oh I got that video of josh skating, i was so jealous when i was watching it.  I started my 6 months to sexy this last week, which Means i started working out so i can look sexy when i get home... haha I wanna look classy for the rest of my life which Means i gotta be in shape! Well i hope you enjoy the Pictures! Love you! Have a good week!
Æ. Wible
KOR : Bound for Better (Just another KOR motto that i thought of while trying to sleep... haha)


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