Tuesday, November 5, 2013

email from october 28


This last week when by too fast! We had a great week! We had a great appointment with Dee, we talked a lot about our purpose here on earth and how important families are. Dee is THE number one family man in Denmark. His first priority is God and then his family and then work. He is so prepared and already has a knowledge of Gods plan but just doesn't know it. We have another appointment with him tonight so we are so stoked! 

We also started teaching a guy named Dennis. We met Dennis contacting about 2 weeks ago and gave him a Book of Mormon. Our appointment was amazing! He was so open to our message and said he was going to try it all! He had already read a ton in the Book of Mormon and he said he would pray and do whatever it takes to know if it is true. Great guy! A lot of potential! =)

Nothing really else new. We are so tired everyday but its okay, we are being blessed for our hard work. The weather is terrible now. its rains around the clock and we have to bike everywhere so its not fun... haha oh cool story!! I almost forgot the highlight of our week... well kinda...

This last Wednesday we met with a Catholic priest and he showed us some churches in the area and then took us to his own service which was very interesting. After we were greeted by some nuns who were very nice, we talked with them for a while and then we were invited to eat dinner with the priest. Okay for the record... NUNS MAKE THE BEST FOOD EVER! =) We feasted that night while we talked with the priest some more. Way cool experience... 

Well have a good week! love you!

Æ .Wible

P.S. member took us to this Halloween pottery place, kinda hard to explain but it was way cool. here are some pics...
Æ.Berry and Æ. Gifford in one. 

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