Tuesday, November 5, 2013

email from september 23

Quick week! CRAZY!  Nothing really crazy happened. We had a good zone conference, they are pretty much all the same. Æ. Petersen and I didn't have to do anything, it was the assistants and president who gave the training. Transfers came out... I am staying where i am at with the same companion but we still are still missing some visas. There are 4 missionaries coming on Tuesday but we expect to receive more within 3 weeks. There are 15 missionaries waiting on visas! NUTS! So i think something will happen with me and Æ. Petersen in the NeXT two weeks. We went on splits with some other missionaries this week, chill. Talked to a ton of people on buses and trains, no one was interested...
Last night the Ward put on a fireside for the youth to try and get them stoked to go on missions so they asked Æ. Petersen and I to talk to them. it went okay... We answered some questions and talked about mission life and stuff. We did the best we could but we could tell that everyone was bored out of their minds! haha We tried to make it fun and everything but they really didnt care, they could not sit still! haha I am sure i was the same way when i was their age. Actually kind of an awkward night. haha The parents said we could not have done better.
This last month personally i studied a lot about gratitude. Every one of us has a lot to be thankful for and even though things may seem tough, we can always think of something to be grateful for. We have been sharing these Mormon Messages recently... check it...
Both of these videos have amazing messages!
Well sorry if its not the greatest email but everything is going good! =) I am happy and am grateful to be here right now! i love you all!
Æ. Wible
P.S. Æ. Gifford and I on splits, such a stud! 


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