Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Email from November 11, 2013

Hey Fam! Well all of our appointments fell through on my birthday and so we did a lot of finding but nothing came out of it. Oh well, i am still happy! =) This last weekend was stake conference so Æ. Berry and I went into Copenhagen. My buddy Fin called and asked if we could sing in the Choir for the Sunday session and so i was like yeah that's fine. 
 So we get to the practice and Finn, Æ. Berry and Myself were the only tenors, plus like 15 others in the choir. haha we sang like 6 songs before the conference started and it all turned out great even though we were a little small. Finn gave me like 5 ties for singing with him. =) Stake Conference was great though! I got to see so many members that i knew from Copenhagen so it was way exciting to see them! Æ. Berry and I are doing great.
The weather is always overcast and rainy but its all good. Tuesday we will be having the traditional Turkey Bowl! i am soooo excited! Football and then we will be stuffing ourselves! haha Nothing really new with our investigators: Natascha is still the same and nothing really new with Dee... Well thanks for all the birthday wishes! I have the best family ever! Love you! Æ. Wible

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