Tuesday, November 5, 2013

email from october 7

Dear Family,
Great week! Before i got transferred we had some way good eating appointments, the members were way confused why i was getting transferred. I told all the cool families that i was tight with that was leaving so we got hooked up this last week. We had a good appointment with a Family this last week who currently has a son on mission. Way cool Family! I think i wrote about them a couple weeks ago but the wife it from England and very sweet so we always hit it off when we see each other. They have another son who hasn't been active for like 5 years but he loves to skate and snowboarding so we hit it off! Way cool kid! Also they had a 19 year old daughter who is very nice. In the end we shared an amazing spiritual thought which i know toughed the 19 year old son, he will come back, i know he will. Great appointment.
Well we received like 15 missionaries this last week. I was able to meet and introduce myself to most of them and they seemed pretty cool. I have seen a difference though in Maturity with these younger missionaries. We have a couple missionaries that need to forget about high school and grow up but that is what the mission is for, for them to find themselves, figure out who they are, what they are capable of and how they can improve. Æ. Berry and I have the best zone, we have a lot of amazing missionies who are here to Work and fulfill their calling as a missionary. These Next couple months are going to be amazing!
Transfers was hectic as usual! Dealing with the trains and all our luggage is the biggest pain because there is never room on the trains AND They transfer us during the busiest hour of the morning! So i was in Slagelse for 6 hours and then we had to go back into Copenhagen for a meeting on Friday. Friday we had Mission Leadership Council which was good and then after we went to Ikea to get me a new pillow because i cant remember the last time i got a good nights sleep. IKEA IS LEGIT! I want my house to be IKEAed out! Got back to Slagelse and contacted for a Little while and then SATURDAY! SATURDAY WAS AMAZING! We started off the morning with out studies of course but we made cookies at the same time for one of our investigators Stine. I also texted some of the football Guys that i met 2 months back when i was in Slagelse for the first time. One of the Guys got back to me and said that the Championship game for the 16 year olds, 19 year olds and the senior League was that Saturday! So we delivered the cookies to our investigators shop which come to find out... she was not happy that stopped by her shop to wish her a happy birthday... THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! US MISSIONARIES... ALL WE TRY TO DO IS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY AND IT NEVER SEEMS TO WORK! So after we went to the football game which was tough to Watch because they were terrible but we met up with some the Slagelse players. (Slagelse was not playing because they only scored 1 touchdown the Whole season! hahah ) Half time hit and Æ. Berry, myself and Johan (way good QB in the senior League ) hit the field and threw the pig skin around. There were like 100 fans plus both teams eyeing us Down probably wondering why were so good. hahaha way funny. We left after that but it was good to get back in contact with some of the players. The hårdest part though is figuring out the best time to bring up the gospel, we are making Progress though. On the way home we saw some Guys playing bball so i stopped and asked if we could play them. Turns óut i had met one of the Guys 2 months back but after we schooled them i got his number and he said he would be Down to play Again. That night we had to go to Copenhagen AGAIN for conference! TOO MUCH COPENHAGEN!
Conference was good! Way inspiring and inspirational! I dont have much time to talk about it but we had all the missionaries in the Copenhagen area come in for it so it was way fun to see a lot of missionaries. 
Æ. Gifford says hi!

Love you! Have a good week!
Æ. Wible

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